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Oyster Ventures Inc is an immigration and investment services business based in Pure Grenada, West Indies.

The company is a licensed local agent under the Grenada Citizenship by Investment program. We provide local agent services which primarily cater to persons seeking Grenada citizenship through investment whether it be for greater mobility investment accessibility or personal security.

Whether we realize it or not the world wide web has enabled a parallel dimension in which we live and operate. It is in this virtual world there are no boundaries and the opportunities created have often necessitated global mobility.

For each of us who dare to dream and to seize the opportunity the world has literally become our oyster and Oyster Ventures mission is to provide the portal to this brave new world for those wanting to embrace the possibilities.


Good Tax Structure

No income tax on foreign sources of income, no capital gains or inheritance tax


No physical residency requirements and no requirements to travel to Grenada


Inclusion of dependent children and dependent parents. Unmarried siblings over 18 years.

Education & Language

No education, management experience, or English language requirements

Fast Processing

Applications are processed and approved within 90 days from submission of completed application

Citizenship Mobility

Grenada has no restrictions on its citizens having dual citizenship

Freedom of Travel

Grenadian citizens can travel to over 140 countries without the need for a visa

World Class University

Grenada is home to St. George’s University, an accredited medical, veterinary and arts & science educational institution

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Investment Options


Real Estate Investment

One of the options available to applicants seeking to obtain citizenship by investment in Grenada is to invest in a Government-approved project. Currently, these projects encompass real estate developments such as hotels, villas, and resorts. Because of the growth of the tourism industry, there is rising demand for tourist housing facilities. Real estate developments are thus fantastic opportunities for investors looking for high returns. Applicants opting for the approved project (real estate) route must invest at least USD 350,000. They must keep the real estate for at least five years following the grant of citizenship. The following investments are also eligible for citizenship under the CBI program: – the purchase of a registered business or a registered company operating in Grenada – the purchase of shares in a company or consortium of companies – a significant investment in Grenada as approved by Government


National Transformation Fund (NTF)

The National Transformation Fund (NTF) was established in 2013 as a means of transforming Grenada’s economy into one that is ever more prosperous and independent. The NTF finances various projects in Grenada for the benefit of its many industries, including tourism, agriculture, and alternative energy. Having made a donation to the NTF, investors are left with a true sense of having contributed to their new nation’s wellbeing. Applicants opting for the NTF route must contribute at least USD 150,000 to the Fund.

Our team is dedicated to promptly serve our clients from every country culture or time zone with friendly efficiency and to ensure a successful outcome.

“Oyster Ventures Inc is a licensed local agent for the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program.

We are dedicated to ensuring that the process of submission of citizenship applications on behalf of clients is processed as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Robust due diligence screening is at the heart of the Grenada process and we have enjoyed a high rate of success in approval of applications submitted on behalf of the clients we serve mainly from Asia, Russia and the Middle East.




We are also the appointed local agent for a newly launched CBI approved project in Grenada known as “The View”.